Here Between You Me - Hapa
from split EP w/ the Littlest Viking
Available now on Mountain Man Records
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the Littlest Viking - Dameta Joe
from split EP w/ Here Between You Me
Available now on Mountain Man Records
Buy 12” Vinyl EP

Here Between You Me / the Littlest Viking “Split” 12” EP Out Now

Buy 12” Vinyl EP at the MMR Store Here Between You Me / The Littlest Viking split 12” EP’s are available for order through the MMR store! Limited quantities of colored vinyl available. Available digitally via Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all preferred digital retailers.

Fugue Joins MMR, New Single Out Today

Fugue is an up and coming three piece from Orange County, CA comprised of members J. Brown, J. Brown and G. La Bonte.

The “Solitude b/w Traffic” 7” Single clocks in at just under 10 minutes. Fugue play post punk songs that incorporate elements of shoegaze and post-rock. The songs were recorded by Madison Woodward in the spring of 2013 and mastered by T.J. Lipple. The 7” singles are limited to 500 copies and are pressed on maroon vinyl. Split release between Mountain Man Records and Avacado Records. (MMR 024 / AVO 001)

Fugue is playing a record release show for this 7” at Aladdin Jr in Pomona, CA on 12/21 alongside New Brigade, Moxiebeat, Pocketknife and Pedestrian. For details : Fugue record release info / flyer

Listen here : Fugue “Solitude b/w Traffic” 7” on bandcamp
Order here : Fugue “Solitude b/w Traffic” 7” at the MMR Store

French Quarter live in Long Beach 2/14/2010. 

Colossal Wrecks - Waste the Moments (2013)



Check it out if you like: Stay Ahead of the Weather, Braid, Crash of Rhinos

They used to be Colossal Rex. Now they’re Colossal Wrecks. They didn’t used to have an LP. Now they do. It’s called Waste the Moments. I’ve heard some stuff from the band before, and it was good, but this album is better. Definite progression. I could see this one sneaking its way onto some end-of-the-year lists.


New CWREX LP is out and getting some nice reviews.



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